Thursday, April 7, 2011

CARR Sailors Shoot to Maintain Qualifications

CARR sailors shooting on the fantail during Wednesday's gun shoot.
Photo by ENS Brian Lance

ENS Brian T. Lance, Public Affairs Officer

At Sea. With low seas and clear skies, CARR sailors prepped for the crew served weapons training—a one of three live-fire events held off the Virginia coast April 4, 2011. They loaded and arranged short belts of ammo before laying them on the deck.  The sun gleamed on the brass of the .50 caliber rounds. Back on the flightdeck, more sailors were loading 9mm and M4 carbine magazines for the small arms courses.

Ensign Mike Brown, CARR ordnance officer, shows STG3 Wilkinson
rifle handling. Photo by ENS Brian Lance.
The crew-served and small arms courses build sailors’ familiarity and confidence with the weapons aboard CARR. Sailors throughout the Navy need this training to meet today’s security challenges.

Fire Controlman Second Class Gary Freas, a range instructor on CARR. Freas and the other instructors stressed safety during the event, teaching sailors proper firing techniques for the weapons.

“If I see you messing around,” Freas said. “I’m going to tackle you off that gun.”

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